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Too old and too big for children's clothing, too small and too slight for the adult collection... there are many teenagers who fall between the cracks when it comes to shopping. Fortunately, Grunt offers the perfect answer to this problem: a great collection for teenagers between the ages of eight and sixteen!

Who doesn't know this world famous American jeans brand? Levi says he creates authentic looks for all ages. This still rings true! From babies' first Levis to teens: at Mauriks Mode Agenturen you will find the most beautiful Levis items for your store.

Everyone who has consciously experienced the 90s knows them: the world-famous Australian tracksuits. This brand confirms that fashion trends are always recurring. About twenty years later Australian is once again unprecedentedly popular.

According to Esprit, parents and children's clothing have one thing in common: a lot is expected of them. That is why Esprit makes clothing that is suitable for every moment of the day. Whether it's running through the puddles, playing around with brothers and sisters or dreaming away: there is always an item in the Esprit Kids collection that fits the moment.

LEGO is of course best known as a Danish toy brand. In fact, LEGO is an abbreviation for "leg godt" (play well). This motto can now also be implemented in LEGO clothing!

Tiffosi may be the number 1 jeans brand in Portugal, also the country of origin, but this brand is also gaining popularity in the Benelux! It is not surprising that Tiffosi is seen more and more often; the brand is trendy, cool, casual, contemporary and to top it off affordable!

Energy, creativity and street culture are essential details of the BERNA DNA. A high fashion and dynamic brand with the fashion-conscious teenager as a target audience.

Leather belt for men, now also for children! The trademark of these products is a robust look and feel, with an eye for detail.