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Everyone who has consciously experienced the 90s knows them: the world-famous Australian tracksuits. This brand confirms that fashion trends are always recurring. About twenty years later Australian is once again unprecedentedly popular.

Australian Kids revive the nineties! For anyone who has missed this era, this Italian brand offers the chance to catch up. The Australian collection is a nod to the nineties, but also completely contemporary.

About Australian

 Australian was founded in 1956 and focused on the tennis world. Their collections breathed class, quality and functionality. Nowadays we mainly know Australian for their sports and casual wear. Functionality is the keyword of their collections, but Australian clothing can also be recognized by its sporty appearance.

From 1956, Australian grew up in quality and functionality. Now, some sixty years later, it is no different. Every item from the Australian collection is made of the best materials and a good fit.

Unique style

 An Australian item can be recognized effortlessly. That's because this brand stays true to its style. Although they always respond to the latest trends, the collection always retains the unmistakable Australian twist.

Australian Kids at Mauriks Mode Agenturen

 Mauriks Mode Agenturen brings the kids and junior line from Australian to the Benelux. We do this in collaboration with Bos Group International.

- This collection is especially for boys between two and sixteen years old

- Collection is based on the adult line.

- High quality and functionality