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According to Esprit, parents and children's clothing have one thing in common: a lot is expected of them. That is why Esprit makes clothing that is suitable for every moment of the day. Whether it's running through the puddles, playing around with brothers and sisters or dreaming away: there is always an item in the Esprit Kids collection that fits the moment.

The Esprit clothing is therefore also made from different fabrics and fits. From practical jeans to festive dresses and from warm sweaters to cool shirts.

About Esprit

 The Esprit story begins in 1963, when Doug Tompkins and Susie Russell met on Route 89 in California. Their joint passion for fashion is starting a new label. Creativity and inexhaustible energy are central here. Yet Esprit is not only about style and design. The label is socially involved and ecologically responsible. They do everything they do with respect: for nature, for manufacturers and for the people who wear their clothes. This corporate philosophy is clearly reflected in the children's collection of Esprit.

Fashion for an important period

 According to Esprit, our childhood is the most eventful period of our lives. This includes clothing that is colorful and comfortable. The Esprit clothing is always ready for a day of exciting experiences. An item from this collection is therefore not only beautiful, but also functional. At Esprit, the designers are inspired by real people.

Esprit at Mauriks Mode Agenturen

 The children's collection of Esprit can be found at Mauriks Mode Agenturen. The Esprit collections can be described as casual fashion with a modern twist. The creative, optimistic and responsible attitude is translated into the Esprit collection for children. With attention to details, materials, fit and a good price-quality ratio, Esprit always has nice items for your store.

- For boys and girls between 0 and 16 years old.

- Sizes 62 to 176.

- Good value for money.

- Casual fashion with a modern twist.