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Too old and too big for children's clothing, too small and too slight for the adult collection... there are many teenagers who fall between the cracks when it comes to shopping. Fortunately, Grunt offers the perfect answer to this problem: a great collection for teenagers between the ages of eight and sixteen!

Grunt focuses on teenagers who no longer want to wear children's clothes and are looking for something cool. The brand makes urban clothing. The streetwear is suitable for boys and girls who are ready to develop their own style!

Street fashion and jeans The Danish brand has a clear focus on Scandinavian fashion. That means that in addition to timeless items, Grunt also has enough items of clothing with a cool twist such as unique details or a cool print. Grunt about their clothing: "Grunt makes Scandinavian fashion for young people who appreciate timeless, comfortable and fashion-conscious designs."

At Grunt, people with a lot of passion and dedication work to create the best designs for teenagers. The latest trends are of course kept an eye on, but the designers never lose sight of Scandinavian design traditions. Teenagers can show their personality with Grunt's clothing. This brand helps teens to wear what they want!

The Scandinavian street fashion for an affordable price fits well with the Dutch market. Meet Grunt at Mauriks Mode Agencies!

- Scandinavian street fashion for young adults (between 8 and 18 years).

- Affordable price.

- For boys and girls.

- Jeans in inch sizes and tops in XS-XXL sizes.