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The leading teen brand from Denmark

Since its inception in 1996, HOUNd has grown into a leading teen brand.

The total collections are specially designed for trend-sensitive teenage boys and girls.

The tops, pants, jackets, skirts and T-shirts are developed from the idea of ​​“designed by a friend”. A look like the teenager would make it herself.

Denim is the heart of HOUNd and that is reflected in the jeans collections. HOUNd continuously develops new fits, elaborated in top quality fabrics with innovative and trendy finishes. In addition to the collection trousers, there is also a stock program for trousers and tops.

HOUNd develops 6 collections per year. As a result, the collections are tailored to

the moment. The fashion-conscious teenager can regularly buy new items

Discover HOUNd in the shop. This is complemented by short-term fashion

must haves.

HOUNd is available from size XS (8) to XL (16) with a free size division.

HOUNd the jean expert

As a leader in the field of jeans, HOUNd has a perfect fit in jeans and many different fits.

The latest and hottest materials are used for the collections

used all over the world. The treatments and finishes follow international fashion trends and are tailored to the different seasons.

HOUNd offers a NOOS stock program from its own warehouse. The favorite fits are therefore always in stock and can be ordered separately per size.

Your NOOS and stock are available via an easy online b2b ordering system

orders delivered to your home in 2 days.

HOUNd deliveries

HOUNd develops six collections per year. Three collections for spring-summer and

three for fall-winter.

The collections are developed in collaboration with the best trend predictors

and are tailored to the delivery time. The collections can also be easily combined with each other. This stimulates resale.

In addition to these 6 collections, small short-term collections are made during the year

made. These are the fashion must-haves of the season that will be delivered to you in a few weeks.

This setup ensures that you stimulate the target group with regular new styles

and a better cash flow due to the spread invoices.

We develop shop materials for each delivery and you can use our image and product photography.

Why HOUNd for your store?

A real teenage fashion brand that appeals to this target group

Commercial collections and excellent jeans

6 collections per year

The right articles at the right time

Always innovation for the consumer and improved cash flow through staggered deliveries

Free size division

Stock and NOOS orders delivered within 2 days

High quality and perfect deliveries

A reliable partner for over 20 years