Lego wear

Lego wear

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LEGO is of course best known as a Danish toy brand. In fact, LEGO is an abbreviation for "leg godt" (play well). This motto can now also be implemented in LEGO clothing!

For years, LEGO has stood for quality in the field of toys. This quality has now also been copied to a children's clothing line.

Made to play

At LEGO, they understand that children should be exploring the world, not being careful with their clothing. That is why the focus in this collection is on high-quality fabrics and finishes. The items are equipped with technical highlights. For example, the fabrics are waterproof up to 15,000 mm, breathable and completely windproof. The LEGO clothing can be recognized by the graphic prints and cool colors, which makes this collection a huge success.

Quality and comfort

 LEGO has not only thought of quality, but also of wearing comfort. This way, children can run, jump and play in their full clothing. The clothing is easily recognizable by the beloved LEGO characters. This clothing line is for active children of all ages!

For children of all ages

 Every child has its own requirements and needs. The clothing of a toddler must of course meet different conditions than the clothing of a teenager. At LEGO, good thought has been given to this. One thing all children have in common is their love of play. Every item from the LEGO collection is therefore made to play freely. "Fun and function" are central here!

LEGO Wear at Mauriks Mode Agenturen

You can find the LEGO Wear collection at Mauriks Mode Agenturen. What makes this brand special is that items are designed for every age group that match the stage of their lives. For example, the clothing for a one-year-old girl is different from the clothing of a tough, eight-year-old boy. Not only in terms of fabric, but also in terms of prints and theme. LEGO Wear cleverly responds to this, so the collection always contains items that children will like.

- For boys and girls between 0 and 16 years old.

- Sizes 62 to 176.

- High quality.

- Great attention to high wearing comfort.

- Clothing with recognizable logos.