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Who doesn't know this world famous American jeans brand? Levi says he creates authentic looks for all ages. This still rings true! From babies' first Levis to teens: at Mauriks Mode Agenturen you will find the most beautiful Levis items for your store.

It is not surprising that Levi's jeans are loved. Levi’s invented the jeans. Levi Strauss developed clothing that is specially made to withstand everything. At the time, the jeans were a functional piece of clothing for miners and cowboys, but Levi's clothing is also just great to run and play. People live in a Levi's!

Levi's kids

Since 2005, Levi’s has also been making special children's collections that are in line with the basic principle of Levi's: quality. Levi’s kids is for babies, children and teenagers. Every age category has its own characteristics that can be found in clothing. For the youngest Levi’s fans, soft materials and good fits are used, while a young adult collection is designed for teenagers. This collection forms a bridge between children's clothing and adult fashion and is characterized by the beautiful fit, aimed at the age of teenagers.

Specially made for modern children and their daily adventures

A Levi’s item adapts to the life of its wearer. The kids 'collection is no exception: every item of clothing is made to match the lives of modern children and their daily adventures: “The kids' collection is an evolution of the classics. Still timeless, versatile and sustainable, but with the necessary innovations. ”With new fabrics and modern technologies, all items from the Levi’s Kids collection are fast becoming new classics. Levi's makes excellent jeans, casual clothes and cool accessories that allow children and teenagers to express their personal style.

Levi’s at Mauriks Mode Agencies

You can go to Mauriks Mode Agenturen if you would like to sell the Levi’s collection in your boutique, multi-brand store or web store.

- For boys and girls (from 3 months to 16 years)

- Sizes 56 to 176

- Iconic Levi’s look

- High quality

- Mix & match collection

- B2B website

- Direct delivery