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Tiffosi may be the number 1 jeans brand in Portugal, also the country of origin, but this brand is also gaining popularity in the Benelux! It is not surprising that Tiffosi is seen more and more often; the brand is trendy, cool, casual, contemporary and to top it off affordable!

Tiffosi was founded in 1978. Three characteristics that were important at the time still characterize the jeans of this brand: superior quality of fabrics and materials, artisanal and original washing processes and a great deal of attention to details.

Specialist in jeans

With a lot of knowledge about denim and its own jeans laundries, Tiffosi can be called a real jeans brand. From the perfect pair of jeans to a denim jacket with the perfect wash: Tiffosi has the perfect jeans item for every occasion.

Unique and innovative

The Tiffosi collection is characterized by unique and innovative products such as water-resistant jeans. The jeans collection is supplemented with trendy tops and accessories such as belts and bags.

Tiffosi at Mauriks Mode Agenturen

Tiffosi is currently the most popular jeans brand in Portugal and Spain. The brand is part of the VNC Group.

- For boys and girls from 3/4 to 15/16 years.

- Services such as re-ordering via B2B website and stock deliveries within 72 hours are possible.

- Four complete collections per year