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We are Mauriks

Wij zijn Mauriks

At Mauriks Mode Agenturen we are specialists in the field of children's fashion. We know the latest trends and know like no other which brands are doing well in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Mauriks Mode Agencies in a nutshell

It is not surprising that we are now specialists in the field of children's fashion: we already have more than 30 years of experience with children's fashion from the middle and high-end segment. All our brands are exclusively supplied by us for the children's fashion industry in the Benelux.

With the help of selective distribution, high-quality children's clothing ends up with the retailer. Our clothing is distributed with great care through our partners to boutiques, department stores, multi-brand stores and web stores. Together with these, we work on the best results for the brand and the retailer. We are happy to help our customers achieve their goal: optimum resale within their concept. We do this on the basis of expertise and sincerity.

An extension of our brands

For our customers we are an extension of the brands that we carry. That means that you can expect a lot from us. Of course we are happy to help you place orders, but you can also call on us for market-oriented advice and support on all fronts. We do all this on the basis of clear agreements and excellent service.

The world is changing fast. Certainly in fashion no season is the same. At Mauriks Mode Agenturen we understand what this means for a store. That is why we like to help our customers with setting up a good purchasing policy and being distinctive by selecting the best brands. Mauriks Mode Agenturen is therefore a reliable partner for retailers that they can always count on.

The brands of Mauriks Mode Agenturen

A nice mix of stable and innovative brands, that is what we focus on at Mauriks Fashion Agencies. Our brands come from Italy, Germany, France and America. Every brand is unique, but all brands at Mauriks Mode Agenturen have one thing in common: they all exude exclusivity and commerce. Moreover, we select our brands at an attractive price-quality ratio, so that it is possible for our customers to realize stimulating margins.

Mauriks Mode Agenturen in short:

- Service is number 1

- Synergy

- Intensive cooperation

- Personal approach

- Team of fashion professionals

- More than 30 years of experience in the (children's) fashion industry

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